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Because I Really Am The Most Self-Centered Person In The Universe

I checked the weather report today. I hadn't bothered for the past week and a half, since it was showing clear all the way through what I cared about. Looks like it's about to start raining again.

Because I really am the most self-centered person in the universe, I want to extend my thanks to the Powers That Be for keeping the weather clear right when I needed it clear. I'm thankful that for the past week and a half I did not have to be running up and down the state in pouring rain while stressed and not entirely awake. The lack of rain made me particularly happy, since that meant that the weekend I stayed in Mudslide Central was not punctuated by raging creek waters and mountainsides that think it's nifty to take a ride on the sliding side of life. And because I'm a sharing person, I would also like to include my thanks that the rain held off until after The Wedding, so that S&E could have a completely gorgeous, warm day uncluttered by rain. So, yeah. Many thanks for rearranging the weather patterns appropriately to precisely match my selfish little schedule.

We will now return you to your regularly scheduled winter, already in progress.

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