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After giving it some thought, I decided that lurking demurely in a corner didn't get me Tommi Makinen's autograph, and by the same measure there is no reason to think that lurking demurely in Customer Service's inbox is going to get my bill paid any faster. Therefore, I did, in fact, send the e-mail from this post.

I worked in a customer service position long enough to realize how much we enjoyed the rare, strange customer request. Therefore, I may not be the most annoying customer they deal with today, but I might manage to be the strangest. And I'm hoping to get "help me Obi-Customer-Support-Kenobi" to become a catch-phrase repeated regularly with much mocking laughter in the customer support offices of PG&E. Just 'cause I'm that kind of person.

I will follow-up with what kind of response I get.
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