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Death, Hate-Filled Adventures In Moving

As you love your sanity, never, EVER move.


Found another stupid account where I called and set up service and for reasons that will baffled the mind, they decided not to set up the billing address as, oh, the address the service is installed at. No. They decided that setting up the address for the one that I am disconnecting service at would be a brilliant plan. Thanks, fuckwits.

Anyway, as far as I can tell, the answer to why the PG&E bills have not been appearing is because the geniuses at PG&E are still sending the bill to San Francisco. And the mystery of how the bills have been getting paid is: They aren't.

That last bit really doesn't please me. Particularly since I've been setting all my bills up to go to the credit card. This means that they aren't billing the credit card correctly.

All of this would be easy to fix -- providing I could actually talk to a person. Unfortunately, I don't know my account number (that would be on the bills that aren't getting sent to me -- remember those? Where this whole mess started?) And PG&E's system is brilliantly set up to make sure that no customer ever talks to a real person. Instead they have this wonderful little voice-recognition AVR that seems completely incapable of recognizing what I say unless I shout at the top of my lungs. (It's almost comedic, doing that in the office. Though it does kind of fuss the other people in my office when I do that...)

They do have this great little system that allows for call-backs. Unfortunately, it does not allow for call-backs that include extentions, such as for an office number. I could give them a number that I'm not at for call-backs. But really, that seems kind of silly, now doesn't it?


(Speaking of grr, I still haven't heard back from the twit at my company who needs to call me back and tell me why half of my retention bonus is misssing. They need to call me back before I decided that I am no longer the feral sandpanther, but rather the letigious one. Don't make me use that lawyer!

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