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Adventures In Telephony

I finally broke down and got a new cell phone. I miss my nifty SD Scoobie horribly. But at the end of the day, being able to answer a phone call was more important to me than the little happy that my silly little faceplate gave me. Perhaps I can find a replacement in Mexico.

Also, after six months in the new place, I am pleased to finally welcome Slave back to the household. The poor answering machine had been stuck in an unidentified box in the garage for a long time. Then once I finally rescued Slave from the cold, I couldn't find the power cord. Now, at long last Slave has a temporary home.

This means that 1) there is actually a reason to call the home number, as it is now completely connected and I can get messages if someone calls, and 2) always leave a message when calling the home number, as we screen calls. (Read: too lazy, and don't feel like answering the marketing survey calls which, annoyingly, are not effected by the Do Not Call list, grr.) Anyone who needs the home number, send me private e-mail.
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