Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

More Fun Than A Handfull Of Gas

So... The fuel filter has been changed. I feel good about this. And now that it's done, I gotta wonder what possessed me to do it the day before I leave on a road trip. Oh well.

I called my friend Bruce to come over and be moral support. Highlights of the evening included:

Me: There are basically three steps. Take off bolt A, take off bolt B, and loosen bolt C.

Bruce: No, I think wee need to loosen bolt C before taking off bolt B.

Me: ... *thinks for a while* ... No, I think B goes before C.

Bruce: Just trust me.

*lots of swearing while we loosen bolt C. It was, shall we say, not in a convenient position*

Bruce: This isn't working. I think we need to take out bolt C.

Me: No, we'll never get it back in if we do.

Bruce: No, really, I think we need to take it out.

Me: No, really, we will never be able to get it back in again.

*pause while I examine the whole thing*

Me: I get it! If we taken off bolt B, then we can loosen bolt C and the whole thing will lift out.

Bruce: ... *looks at it some more* ... Okay, you're right.

Me: Remember back when I told you so? *grumbles while painstakingly re-tightening bolt C.*

*pause while I take off bolt B, get gas all over the place, then go back to loosening bolt C again*

Me: Ooh, I think I got it! *rattles things around for a while*

Bolt C: *thunk, clunk, rattle*

Me: I got it! I -- oh, crud.

Yes, bolt C made a break for it. It's still gone. I have wire taking its place at the moment, and all seems well enough.

And for those concerned, the gas-soaked paper towels are sitting in the grill, awaiting disposal after the gas has evaporated off. I'll probably deal with them on Sunday.

I am now so over-exhausted I can barely sit upright. I'm glad the weekend is near. And watching copies of the Japanese WRC coverage from last year (WALES!) is cheering me up, which is good. A warm bath should complete the cure.

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