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I'm working from home for half the day today... The fuel filter on my car really, really needs changing (it should have been done around 12,000 miles ago, *wince*), and I figured that since I'm going to be running up and down the state for the next two weekends I really should just get it done. Upcomming unemployment is discouraging the urge to pay $100 for something that, honestly, should be no more than a 20 minute job using a $20 part.

Unfortunately, this procedure requires that the engine be cold when I do it. (Gasoline on the loose and a hot engine not being the most safe combination on earth.) I was going to light a fire in the fireplace to try and warm up, but I have the gas cap off in order to start relieving pressing on the fuel system, and the thought of an open flame and gas fumes in proximity to each other just did not excite me. (Not to mention the thought of my soon-to-be-gas-soaked hands and an open flame...) I would run the furnace, except that because of the gas fumes I have the garage door open, and the door between the kitchen and the garage needs weatherstripping before it's a reasonably tight seal. (When the garage door is open, there is a noticable draft in the house.)

And so here I sit, freezing. It's been a couple of hours since I drove home. And you know what? The darn engine still isn't cool! *fume* 'Scuse me while I go curl up on my engine block.

On a related note, does anyone know the proper way to dispose of gas-soaked paper towels? I'm thinking of taking the towels and throwing them in an empty coffee can, then throwing the can on my grill and lighting the sucker. I figure this way, if the fire gets out of control I will throw a pot lid on top of the coffee can and *voila*, no more fire.

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