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Golden Handcuffs

So... No one is suprised that my darling company has screwed up the payment for the Golden Handcuffs, right? They've paid me, oh, maybe 1/6th of what I was promised. Good thing I've got the original agreement in writing, signed. Hi, guys? You wanna fix this before I have to talk to a lawyer, or after? 'Cause if I have to do that, I might find out some other stuff the company probably doesn't want me to think about.

In related news, I present a lovely conversation.

I was chatting with one of my coworkers. Let's call him The Crusty Old Man (TCOM).

TCOM: I hear that they are bringing back the SAP contractors.

Me: Oh, that makes sense. Lay off the permanent people and bring in a bunch of contractors.

Other coworker: That doesn't seem too logical.

Me: When was the last time something logical happened around here?


TCOM: Well, let's see. That was about two years ago...

Oh yeah. And The Contractor (remember her?) is still here for the forseeable future. I wonder if The Other VB Programmer is going to carry through with any kind of complaint against the company, since the reason she had been laid off was that she was told her job was redundant.

Edit: Okay, I now have a piece of paper reflecting the deposit that was made, along with an explanation that makes absolutely no sense having something to do with the value of my salary for 118 days versus the value of the stock options. I know not what this means.

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