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So Wrong, And Yet So Right For Each Other

I talked to the HR guy about the paperwork that I signed. He agreed that correspondences to me should be directed to the building I actually work in, and not one that's fourty miles away. He also confirmed that since California is at-will, I can leave at any point in time. It just means that if I don't give thirty days' notice, I don't get any severance. If I do give thirty days' notice then I still get my severance, even if it's under the three month period.

(This, of course, means that it's likely I will either give thrity days' notice, or I will give same-day notice. Giving two weeks' is more professional, but ultimately, what will I do in two weeks that I haven't already done?)

Chatting with him was fun. I feel sorry for him, since he joined the company literally days before the merger was announced. His boss actually told him, "well, you're screwed." What a joy.

But anyway, he mentioned that technologically, we're ahead of The Buying Company.

*pauses for a moment to let that sink in*

Yes, my company -- the one that won't move off of Windows '95, a non-supported, ten year old operating system -- is technologically ahead of The Buying Company. We have e-mail. We have databases. This is progress.

I have never been so relieved to be leaving anywhere in my life. Even The New Company is totally not a good place for me. It's great for my old company. But, really, *really* not at all for me.

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