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*deep breath*

Okay, mostly calmed down again. I realized that having the threat of yet more handcuffs just completely sent me over the edge. I want to get out of here. They are not kicking me out. This is very much a mutual seperation. I just wish they would be a tad bit less clingy as we enjoy our last few squabbles together.

And as a friend of mine pointed out, California is an at-will state. If I want to give them my 30-second notice, the state says that's totally cool. I admit, after encountering such unprofessional bullying (I mean, really? 30 days!? Two weeks' notice is standard!) I am leaning more toward the shorter rather than the longer notice.

Now back to un-harshing my mellow. Poor mellow. There, there. It's all okay. Okay? Okay.

(Oddly, I notice that the music that my radio station has been playing is tending more toward songs that to me remind me of better things to come than is the norm. I am most appreciative of this.)

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