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Revolting Brain

I'm trying to focus at work. I have several projects that I need to complete. They aren't particularly hard, they're just tedious. And require some thought.

And there's the problem. My cute lil brain (tm) has decided that it doesn't want to focus. This is the second week in a row that it's had to start up twice, and it's bitter. A day at work, a day or two off, another two days at work -- it's like the past two weeks have had two Mondays each. My cute lil brain looks at that and says that's a month of Mondays, packed far too close together. And so it's gotten rebellious.

I try to focus. It wiggles away. I try to grab it, but it eludes me and hops off, casting irritated looks back over its theoretical shoulder at me. I pounce and catch it, but it bites and struggles. Have you ever been bitten by an angry brain? I didn't realize the darn things had teeth.

Eventually it calms down. I still have ahold of it, but when I try to get back to work, it's no go. The brain is on strike, and refuses to concentrate. I stare at my new calendar. It's a beautiful picture of a snowy garden in Japan. The hills in the background are so clearly Kyoto that I almost feel like I'm there, staring at the--

Oops. The brain just hopped away again, off towards the picture, and happy thoughts of vacationing in Japan. I grab it again, and this time I shackle a ball and chain to its little brain stem. It looks really funny floating there, like a demented balloon. A really pissed-off balloon.

It's still refusing to work.

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