Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

There is a custom in Japan that the first dream of the New Year indicates the way the year is going to be for you. Mine this morning was... odd

I get weird dreams when I sleep past 7:30, so this weird one should come as no surprise.

I was standing in a new house (which, in that weird dream-land both was and was not mine; it certainly does not resemble my current residence.) One of my co-workers was there, with a large ball that sort of resembles a katamari. She says that in one hour, it will go up in a huge explosion. Before that time, it has to be found and disarmed. However, if it is unplugged (yes, the bomb had a power cord) then it won't go off immediately. It still would need to be disarmed promptly, though.

I then pass out. When I come to, she is gone, as it the katamari bomb. I am suddenly Batman, with Superman and Wonder Woman beside me. They take off to do something that will be useful and improtant (though I can't remember what), leaving me to run around trying to find the bomb. They're supposed to be back presently, but in the meant time, I run around looking for the bomb. Finding the bomb is a little difficult, since there are a lot of unpacked boxes around.

Time ticks away, and it gets near the deadline. I figure that if I can find the bomb, I will just unplug it to buy more time. Unfortunately, finding it proved to be a lot harder than expected. It shouldn't be, since it had to be plugged in.

The mintues ticked down, and I still could not find the bomb. I decided that if I couldn't find it before the deadline, then I would cut power to the house. It would make finding the bomb harder, but at least it wouldn't explode.

Right about that time, the furnace kicked on, and I woke up.


On the surface, it just seems a weird dream. But the more I think about it, it has a lot of elements representing the past year. Some unknown person at work throwing a ticking time bomb out, disrupting my polans. It's going to explode sooner or later, but something keeps pulling the plug on the my plans. The new house, not really familiar and settled, but almost there. Still, everything is still in boxes, making it harder to find things that should be simple to find. JLU, my sanity, searches vainly to have it all make sense.

Fortunately, the custom is that the first dreams of the new year are the ones had on the night of the first full night of the new year. After reviewing the past, I am curious to see tonight what the future will hold.

Happy New Year, everyone!
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