Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Yes, I Am Bored

Just because it's a slow week...

So, some of you know I started following a manga/anime series called Bleach. I ran through the (pitifully short) three episode seshat had whilst in Japan. I got back and wiped out the three volumes of (translated, alas) manga that she had in a couple of days. I picked up the next two volumes from Kinokuniya, which lasted me long enough until I could get a better (read: cheaper) crack supplier in the form of a manga rental place near my house.

Renting kept me happy for quite a while (largely due to 1) someone else grabbing the next volume before me and keeping it out for a week, grr, and 2) telling myself that I had to put. the crack. DOWN! if I wanted to have any Christmas presents for my friends and family.) Unfortunately, I have now run through all 15 volumes that have been published to date.

Being suddenly left at loose ends with no distraction in sight until February, I went questing to see what I could find off of the fan sites. And lo, and behold, what do I find but scans from the weeklies! In raw Japanese, even. Ah, joy! I can get a new chapter every week. That is a start in the right direction. Look, they just posted chapter 162. So, what was the last chapter I read?


Not good. If I want to read the new scans, I have to skip ahead 30 chapters. Considering that the last volume ended in a way that indicates that Plot may follow, I do not want to skip those chapters. By my calculations, at a rate of 10 chapters per tankoubon, assuming that 1 tankoubon is published every other month, I should be caught up with those 30 chapters by around... June.

Hm, but they have summaries and scanlations for all the chapters in the gap. Argh, I hate having to read stuff in English if I can get it in the original language. I really hate it.

So, since I am bored (and it sounds like a lot of my friends are also bored), I offer a poll: What will the Sandpanther do?

Will I:

1) Research frantically until I find somewhere that happens to have back copies of the raw Japanese scans? (Which, hopefully, will exist, even though it seems odd that the raw Japanese would be left up once scanlations have been made)

2) Give up and just read the scanlations until I'm caught up, with the assumption that I can review the stuff in the original Japanese as the tankoubon come out?

3) Collect the raw scans as they are posted and just wait until June when I am caught up to be able to read the latest stuff out of Shounen Jump?

So, my friends, what do you think I will do? Please be as creative as possible in your answers. Include an expected time-line when possible.

Yes, I am very bored. Or rather, very in need of distraction. Blame it on being back in the office for the first time in nearly a week.

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