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The, Like The Wavees Of The Ocean, The Ducks Retreat

Like cadhla, I have been being nibbled to death by ducks recently. And then, today, like a Christmas miracle, suddenly something good happened.

Last night I got mail saying that the photo calendars I ordered for my folks and my aunt missed the FexEx deadline and would not arrive on time. Argh. I figured that I could print out the photos and wrap those as kind of a "coming soon from a family member near you" kind of thing. Of course, that means that I have to find the printer, the printer cable, paper, and ink to print with. I know where the printer is, and I saw the printer paper recently. I think I know where the cable is. Ink, I would have to run out and get. On Christmas Eve. On top of all the other errands I have to run. Lovely.

I was finishing ranting at my housemate (who kindly and patiently listened to all my ranting) when we saw a car drive by slowly. They were obviously looking for something. They went by, and we ignored them -- until they pulled a U-turn on my street.

Now, as frequent readers of this journal probably know, my street is a little weird. There's a creek down the middle, and it's one-way on each side of the creek. This meant that these poor, confused folks were driving the wrong way down a one-way street.

Being good citizens, we hailed them and told them they were going the wrong way. They thanked us and said "do you know where [insert my street address] is?" I was puzzled, since I didn't know them. But I told them that was my address.

They told me they had a package for me, from the place that did my calendars. They decided to deliver it themselves, since the package had missed the FedEx deadline.


It's almost unreal. But I have my calendars for my relatives, ready to be wrapped in time for Christmas.

All of a sudden, I have one fewer ducks. And one small proof that maybe, just maybe, the world doesn't suck as much as it seems.

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