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Merry F'ing Christmas

My phone has been disconnected for not paying a bill that I never received. Isn't that nice? As far as I can tell the phone company joined into the whole "let's send mail to a bill that I no longer live at, which, despite my putting in a forward with the post awful, does not get forwarded to me." Oh yeah, and the office that I need to contact to be able to get this sorted out is closed for the holidays. Isn't that sweet of them?

I think I'm going to need to make weekly runs to Dorado Terrace, just to pick up all the mail that isn't getting forwarded which is screwing my life over.

(In unrelated news, the money from the check that went to the address that I no longer live at which isn't getting forwarded despite my putting in a forward with the miserable post awful finally got cleared by the bank. So at least I can pay my credit card statement and my mortgage this month. I am, however, quite probably screwed on the taxes that I needed to pay on the money that check was giving me which I could not pay because the damn check did not show up because the brockerage is populated by a bunch of untrained monkies.)

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