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I have to wonder how it is that after four years of working together my boss has yet to figure out that I am the anal-retentive, document everything, nit-picky bitch from hell. 'Cause really, he should expect that if he is going to get on my case about not forwarding example document templates to the brain-dead contractor that I am going to fire back a copy of the e-mail I sent to her back in last October (which he was cc'ed on) detailing all documentation that is supposed to be completed along with any and all programming changes. Thankyouverymuch,haveaniceday. *sweet smile*

I really need to get a codriver ride so I can use my anal-retentive, nit-picky powers for good. Or at least for entertainment.

And again, I am comparing the sanity levels from this weekend (where I rubbed elbows with nut jobs who talk casually about rolling cars and think driving down a rock-lined dirt road at speeds that exceed 100 MPH is pretty darn cool) and my work. And again, I am coming solidly down on the side of the car-rolling, rock-braving nut jobs as being the more reasonable, adult individuals. Think about it.

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