Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Strange Things Are Afoot At The Kinokuniya

It looks like my local Kino is airfreighting popular titles now. They had Bleach 15 in, which I know came out in Japan last Friday. They also had IniD 30, which I didn't know was out. (Though I figured it would be out soon.)

Sadly, I did not take advantage of this unexpected speed. I'm not caught up on Bleach, so there's no point in getting the latest volume. And I wasn't sure if cirdan_havens or her sis were going to pick up IniD for me. *curious look*

They also had a bunch of rally magazines. There seems to be a publication that sums up each event. It's a reasonable length, but I wasn't entirely sure what the point would be for any of the ones I saw. Maybe if they had GB from last year... There is a few bits that looked like it could be interesting. But at $10+ a pop, I decided to hold off.

I managed to get my laptops to communicate last night. So now I have most of the anime I downloaded off the Piggietop and on my new laptop, and I've got some of the photos from Japan copied onto the Piggietop as a kind of quick and dirty "back up". (Considering that the reason I have the new laptop was because the Piggietop died, I consider this to be an inferior backup methodology. But it's better than nothing.) I am pleased that I've gotten the kids talking.

I still haven't figured out how to link to the pics I've uploaded to my ISP, which is why there are no pictures of the black death in Japan. That's on the list, right after getting my resume posted everywhere and figuring out how to get the new laptop's DVD burner to work.

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