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Stomping Out The Annoyances

Today seems to be a day of whacking annoying things over the head. To that end:

Saw the eye doctor. (This is a different one in the same office as the first one.) She spent a while listening to what I was complaining about (this was novel), and did some tests. She has concluded that the correction for the astigmatism in the right eye is slightly off, and that the entire perscription is slightly weaker.

(I feel very vindicated, since I had been saying that, based on the symptoms I'm getting, there is a problem with the astigmatism, and that I thought the other twit had decided to "correct" my intentional overcorrection -- which had been done to improve my night vision.)

So my glasses are getting sent in (yet again.) Hopefully this time everything will come back corrected. And at least this one was a lot nicer than the other one. She actually believed me when I said that my overcorrected glasses don't give me a headache.

San Francisco, that is. *pounds head on desk*

When I filled out the forms to sell the stock, I put down to send a check to "the address below." I then listed my current residence -- you know, the one that ISN'T in San Francisco? This does, of course, mean that the geniuses at the stock brokerage sent it to my old address. You know, the one I don't live at any more? The one that didn't match the address I asked them to send the check to? The one that I was deceived into thinking that they weren't going to send things to because they sent me the documentation recording the sale of the stock to my new, not my old, address? Yeah, that one.


The check should (hopefully) be in the mail (again) by Thursday. rhylar, since I'm out of town this weekend, could you please keep an eye out for it? It may come by overnight mail or something, so please also check out the front door.


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