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Man, this thing is pretty. They finally got the animation all right. It's put together well enough to make me get excited about the episodes, even though I know what is going to happen. I am pleased.

Well, except for the part where they cut out Ryousuke's telling Takumi that he did well at the end of his race against Tomo. Feh. That really should have been left in.

... And I cheered when Sakai's Integra appeared. >.> Now to see that sucker actually driving and not just sitting parked.

I only have eps 1-6 at the moment. It looks like the WRX doesn't show up until episode 7, so I'm downloading it now. Of course the WRX is blue. Happily, the Integra is white, not yellow.

Y'know, I'm not sure how I spent my day. I crashed through three volumes of Bleach manga. Considering that I read it at around a page a minute, I'm not sure why this seems to have managed to take all day. Though I guess I spent some time chatting with rhylar and some time surfing around for the results of the Race of Champions. (Looks like we didn't get to see Seb vs. Schumi. *sniff*)

It's probably a good thing I sat and took it easy today, though. I'm way more relaxed than I've been since getting back from Japan, and I seem to have (for the moment) shaken the nigh-hysterical depression that's been haunting me all week. I can tell when I'm really relaxed, 'cause I drive better. When I popped out to do an errand I hardly made the synchros twitch when I was shifting. (I can only do that when I'm relaxed; if I'm tense, my shifting tends to make the car just about hop.)

I hope I'm still feeling this mellow when I head out for autocross tomorrow. It's supposed to rain, and this will be my first event since September. One of my coworkers might be showing up. I've been trying to get him to come out to an event for a couple of months now. I want to try and lure him from the ricey side... Okay, and I'm hoping to scam a drive in his WRX on fun runs sometime. >.> Okay, so sometimes I'm shallow -- so what?

If it rains tomorrow then I get to give the Azenis a serious test in the wet. If it doesn't rain, then I'm going to get in some practice shooting moving cars before I head out to a rally in Nevada next weekend. Either way, I see good.


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