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I remember part of why I like listening to a radio station broadcast out of Sweden. It's really cool that, when I come in Friday morning, they are playing the Friday night club/dance mixes. It reminds me that really, it is the weekend and that some people are out there partying and living it up, and soon I can as well.

I was driving over to Starbucks to get something warm. (Yes, I know their evil. They aren't being evil at anything I personally care about, so whatever. And they make a nice caramel apple cider. I do not argue with the caramel.) There was an obnoxious white SUV that kept on my tail. I commented, "Look, get your penis extender off my bumper. 'Cause, y'know, it's really not doing it for me."

I went to pull into a parking spot. The guy in the car next to the spot got out and stood in the middle of the spot I was trying to get into. I changed my mind, and tried getting into the spot on the other side of him. His passenger got out, and also stood in the middle of my spot. My coworker commented, "Ten points for each of them."

"I'm only going to get one of them," I replied. "The other guy is going to get run over by the big dick. Driving by guy with the little dick."

Yes, I'm feeling snarky today. (This gives me an idea... I wonder if taeriel is free this evening...?)

We went in and caused our usual backup, since we order for the office and never leave with less than two trays worth of drinks.

When I got back to the office my coworker commented that she intentionally hurried into Starbucks in order to get in line in front of Dick Guy. *snerk* My coworker is evil in all the right ways.

I hadn't noticed that she was rushing, because I was busy making plans to stalk the guy with the white Hachiroku with a black hood. I've seen him there several times before, but haven't had an opportunity to strike up a conversation with him. He was there again today, but was too busy trying to get out of the way of guy-who-bullies-small-cars-with-his-oversized-surrogate-phallis.

(Someday I need to blog the spinich theory of Petter's driving that my coworker and I came up with on one of these Starbucks runs.)

The Contractor has more or less finished her project. Psycho Freak Boss sent mail around asking her to set up a meeting to familiarize me and The Other VB Programmer with what The Contractor did. With a sadistic grin I went to check and see if The Contractor wrote up any techincal documentation (or, really, any documentation at all) on this project.

"I'm so mean," I thought to myself. "I'm intentionally trying to point up other people's faults."

And then it occured to me: this is what my mentor did to me. He didn't do it to be mean. He did it so that people would get used to him always asking for the documentation. After a while of knowing that he would always ask, the people in my group got used to making sure that the documentation was available. My mentor wouldn't get upset if the documentation wasn't done, but he would persist in bugging people to do it. Eventually I wouldn't ever say that I was done with a project or a change without including the documentation in the e-mail. And thus the documentation got done.

My asking for documentation now isn't trying to be mean. It's trying to bring some order to the madhouse my job is. The fact that I happen to derive pleasure from asking for the documentation is probably a good thing. I'm very calm when I ask for the documentation. But I am also very persistent. Maybe one day I won't have to ask. And on that day, I will derive pleasure from the documentation being there without my even saying a word. There is only good here.

The other night I was driving home, when I spotted something that I thought was Fluffy's car. He drives this old American thing, so it's pretty distinctive.

I was on a stretch of the road where there aren't any services for miles. It's busy (during the day), but in a way it's also kind of abandoned. I know that Fluffy has a cell phone, but he never uses it.

"I should stop and help him," I thought. He'd left work a good fourty-five minutes before me, so he had to have been stuck there for a while.

And then it occured to me: It was dusk, and while there are a lot of cars passing, this is a deserted part of the road. Did I really want to be all alone with Fluffy at night? With that thought, I drove on by. I felt like a bad person. But really, given our past history, I didn't really want to be stuck by myself with a grumpy Fluffy.

I was driving The Other VB Programmer to work this morning, since her car is in the shop. We passed the part of the road where I had seen Fluffy broken down by the side of the road.

"Oh, I was going to ask you about that!" she said. "Did you drive past him too?"

... I feel less guilty now.


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