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Of Interest To Job Hunters

No idea how accurate this is, but what it says makes sense.

If you're thinking about a new job, now's the time to aggressively pick up your search. Many people slow their job search down during the holiday months when in fact it's the best time to look!

Here's why. Many companies implement a new direction or strategy at the first of the year, resulting in a first of the year hiring surge. With new-year business strategies mapped out, companies start aggressively looking for resumes and interviewing new job candidates in November and December.

Oddly enough, while employers start hiring, job seekers often decide to wait to mount their search until after the holidays, feeling that no-one will be hiring until then. This creates an optimal job seeking environment of more jobs and less competition!

One of the best ways to take advantage of this situation is to give yourself massive exposure by signing up to all the top career sites as soon as possible. Of course it will take a little time, but it's well worth it. The top career sites are visited by 1.5 million employers and recruiters daily - And collectively list millions of jobs.

If you want to save 60 hours of research and data entry, try a service called Resume Rabbit. They instantly post your resume to 75 of the top career sites at once. With this service you fill out one simple form in about 15 minutes and you'll be instantly seen on, CareerBuilder, FlipDog, Net-Temps, Dice, and more!

When searching for a new job, it's important to work smart and cover a lot of ground. Today's serious job seeker must take a multi-pronged approach to succeed. This should include networking, reading all the classifieds, posting your resume on all the top career sites and searching job listings on all the top career sites daily.

From mid November to mid January, the holidays have a "slowing down" effect day to day business operations. Many companies take advantage of this time to do their interviewing for the coming year. If you wait until
January to start your search -- you may be too late! Make sure to set up accounts on all the career sites where you can search through all the current jobs. And make sure to post your resume there so you'll be found by the employers who are currently searching.

We recommend you try Resume Rabbit - It's a quality service that delivers what it promises.

*goes to get on with implementing the advice given*

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