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Yes, I Know The Door Is Over There

I'm working from home today, since I need to get my furnace inspected. (I would have done it weeks ago -- when it wasn't freezing, and it was more convenient -- but I couldn't, due to a random, stupid decision announced by my boss that no one can work from home when he is not in the office.) Tomorrow I get on a plane to Japan.

Naturally, my boss picks today to announce a major re-design of the way that all our programs work. I'm pretty much convinced that he intentionally waited until today to announce it. We discussed his approach yesterday in the never-ending meeting. We went over why it isn't feasible for our environment. Both experienced VB developers -- people who have been working in this system for over four years now -- explained why it will cause massive problems in our current environment. Yesterday, he listened to why we said it wouldn't work, and we agreed not to do it.

Today, he reversed that decision.

I would be a lot happier about it if he even worked in my development environment. But he doesn't, and doesn't understand it. Not only that, but he KNOWS he doesn't know anything about it. He works in Java, running against an antiquated DB2 database. My systems are done in VB 6, running against a SQL Server database. They aren't the same. He treats them like they are.

It pisses me off that he is hell-bent on doing something that is going to cause us huge hassles along the way. It really pisses me off that he takes the opinion of a random contrator who doesn't understand our working environment over the advice of his two full-time, experienced workers. And, perversely, it pisses me off that back in the days before we were doing validation and having to worry about FDA regulations, back when the solution he is forcing down our throats was feasible and I was pushing for it, no one would listen to me. And now everyone suddenly acts like this is a new idea (and not something I proposed over two years ago!), and asks me why I didn't come up with it in the first place. Look, see? Here is the documentation I produced two years ago, stating why this would have been a good idea (back before we started having to worry about complience issues.) See? Now please excuse me while I roll it up and ram it up your --- nose.

This pisses me off enough that I'm starting to wander on the wrong side of "gee, I really do hope they lay me off while I'm gone." But for now I must wait, and make sure that all is ready for a full assault on the job market when I get back.

This current issue, I'm going to leave alone and not worry about it. We'll go forward with it. If it works, great. If we implement it today and it gives us massive headaches down the line, well, I'm going to hope to be long gone before that. And if we have to rip the whole thing out a week or two before we go live with the project (which is my personal bet on the matter), then we'll rip it all out and deal with fuckwit boss asking why we didn't tell him not to.

So... anyone hiring programmer analysts with an emphasis in database application design and programming?

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