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Dry Run

As I was leaving today, I suddenly remembered that this is the last day I would be in the office for the week. Then I remembered that the deal is supposed to close before I get back. If it turns out that I do get laid off as soon as the deal closes, then today will have been my last day sitting at that desk, working at that cube.

One of my coworkers (who has been through several buy-outs) recommended that I take home anything that I valued. I don't want to be screamingly obvious that I am cleaning out my cube, so some compromises had to be made.

I took:

- A plastic bowl that I had brought Hallowe'en candy in. It's part of a set. I would miss it.

- My sandpanther. (Obviously.)

- Mr. Bigglesworth. He reminds me of my last job, and the Grand Master Freak. I am quite fond of Mr. Bigglesworth.

- The Black Death. I could not possibly abandon the cute destroyer of medival Europe to its fate. After all, it has the most soulfull eyes. And I need it around, since it will be my date at an upcomming wedding.

- Some pieces of art given to me by a coworker.

- My little Subaru flag. I paused when I picked this up, and remembered that I got it exactly one year ago. *sigh*

- A mini Japanese screen that seshat gave me several years ago.

I decided to leave, but wish that I hadn't:

- My headphones.

- My rally calendar. (Also aquired a year ago, *sniff*.)

- My handkerchief with a map of Tokyo on it.

- My minature guillotine.

- My SCCA poster. It and my map of Tokyo are placed such that they cover a gap in the cube walls, so if I took them, it would be pretty obvious. Their lack would also would prove annoying should it turn out that I do still have a job come a week from now.

I don't seriously expect that I will be laid off come a week from tomorrow. Still, it was a very strange moment walking out of the building today, realizing that it's entirely possible that I will never see my coworkers again. And it was even weirder to realize that for some of them, I would regret that.

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