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To Anyone Writing A Proposition

For anyone writing an arguement for or against a ballot proposition, please note that SHOUTING AT ME in your arguements will NOT MAKE ME FAVORABLY INCLINED TOWARD YOUR POSITION. (In fact, it makes me resent that you are making my head hurt while I'm trying to give your cause due consideration.) Please accept that I am intellegent enough to recognize that building schools or saving children or arresting criminals or whatever it is that you are or are not in favor of is good. If I do not recognize that, then please also understand that shouting your position at me probably won't change my mind and suddenly make me see your light.

I am quite irritated at the number of times I read over an initiative and decide if I am for or against it, and then reading the arguement supporting the position I already chose makes me wonder. Honestly, it can't be a good thing to have an arguement that changes the mind of someone who had previously agreed with you.

I'll stop whining now, before I launch into a diatribe about the lost art of debate. Or writing, for that matter. (Does this initiative raise money to give the children recovering in the hospital a verb? Huh? Huh? Does it? Does it???)

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