Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,


Pondering what to do for the days when seshat is busy.

This is something to ponder. It hits two temples that I want to go to, all in one day. It should also drive through some awfully pretty countryside. OTOH, do I want to get stuck on a set tour? Probably not. Feh.

Sometime when my foot is in better shape, this might be a nice hike: 上州・妙義山(標高1104m)
群馬県 コメント:ハイキングコースとは別に、表・裏の主稜線は鎖場の連続、修験者の道、安全の為にロープは必要です。
交通:上信電鉄富岡駅~バス50分中之岳神社登山口~   歩行時間:6:00H以上  下山:妙義神社

It's a shame my foot isn't in better condition, since the leaves should be pretty nice when I'm there. *sniff*

Feh. Other things occupy my time. Fie on them, I say. Fie!

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