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I Am Not The Weirdest Caller

I called to schedule a furnace inspection.

Rep: Could I get your address?

Me: *gives him the address*

Rep: Oh, you're in Santa Clara.

Me: Yeah, sorry, I forgot to give you the city.

Rep: No, that's okay. My last caller was from Santa Clara. I live in Santa Clara. There's kind of a theme going here. So I could just stop by on my way home today.

Me: That would be nice.

Rep: You can't afford me. My guy is free, but I'm expensive.

Me: (feeling whimsical) Oh, well. I guess I'll take the free guy. Though I'm sure if I could afford you, the experience would be worth it.

Rep: Ah... Err... Um, I better stop right here. I'm being recorded.

Me: *snicker*

Rep: So, where is the furnace located?

Me: Outside, in the back.

Rep: Outside? I assume it's in a closet?

Me: No, it's under a hutch.

Rep: A hutch?

Me: Yeah, it's a little, um, creative.

Rep: I haven't heard the word "hutch" in a long time.

Me: Yeah, usually you think of hutches in association with rabbits, not furnaces.

Rep: Or Gilligan's Island. Oh, wait, that was a hut.

Me: A hutch is a lot like a hut, only with fewer walls.

Rep: That would make me nervous.

Me: Yeah. It was highly recommended when I bought the place that when I replace the furnace, I consider relocating it. It's an old 50's home that didn't originally have forced-air, so they were a little creative in figuring out where to locate the furnace.

Rep: I can't believe I just had to type "hutch".

Me: Sorry, it's a little weird. I guess I'm your weird call for today?

Rep: No, you have to be a lot weirder than just a hutch, believe me. Okay, I'm booked up for this week, but I have openings on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday next week.

Me: It better be Tuesday. I'm leaving after that.

Rep: Really? Where are you going?

Me: Japan.

Rep: Why are you going there?

Me: Because it's pretty?

Rep: No, really. Why there?

Me: Because a friend is getting sent there for business, so it's basically a free trip to Japan.

Rep: Oh, that makes sense. Japan's on the other side of the world, so it's not like you just go there on a whim.

Me: Well, actually, I do. But then, I'm a little weird. So maybe I am your weirdest call for the day?

Rep: Uh... You're not quite there, though you did pick up serious points with that Japan thing. Okay, so you have an appointment set up for next Tuesday.

*call concludes*

*I fall on the floor laughing*

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