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Now How Is This For Weird?

So, in the midst of everyone fussing over whether we have jobs or not come Nov. 16, we receive an invitation to a company Christmas party on December 18. How mixed message is that?

Further investigation shows that it is not a combined Christmas party; it's just for my current company. It seems either excessively optimisitc, or bizzarely head-in-the-sand. I'm not entirely sure what to make of it.

We had a meeting with Bitchy Boss Lady earlier this week. She was rather pessimistic. I got the vibe from her that she expects to be let go, even if many of the rest of us may stay. She was also very fond of belittling the new company. It rather annoyed me, and I wish that she would either keep her mouth shut, or accept reality and get over it.

One of my coworkers said today that her Hallowe'en costume is a happy employee. I laughed, and commented that I'd never be able to pull that off convincingly.

The ability for money officially ensues tomorrow. Though it will have to wait until Monday, when the markets (and, importantly, the brokerage) are open. Still, half the handcuffs come off soon.
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