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While thinking of obscure (or not so obscure) goddesses to suggest to taeriel for her Gu'oald costume, I was reminded of an incident from college. Don't ask me why, but I felt a pervese urge to write it down.

The university I went to is known as the party school of the UC system. One evening slothman and I were heading across campus when we saw a drunken group approaching us. Somewhere in our trek across campus slothman had picked up a stalk of pampas grass.

As the group came nearer slothman muttered "Quick -- give me the name of an obscure goddess."

"Hestia," I replied. (I know, not terribly obscure. It was the best I could come up with on short notice.)

The group of drunks closed on us, and slothman bowed and ceremoniously handed one of the guys the stalk of pampas grass.

"Blessings of the goddess Hestia," he boomed in his deep bass voice.

The drunk guy, perplexed, took it, and wandered blearily off. A moment passed while we continued our separate ways. Then, from a little distance we hear this guy shout "Hey, I have a tail!" We snuck a peek back and saw this guy waving the thing around in various odd (and potentially uncomfortable) ways.

Drunk people are so much fun to play with.

(Ironically, I doubt that guy would have appreciated the blessings of the goddess Hestia, as she is in charge of, among other things, chastity. Particularly the chastity of virgin girls.)

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