Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

The Commentators Are Getting Restless

I am amused by calling someone a "mobile chicane".

As the season is getting later, the commentators are getting more snarky. I think it's a very positive development. While nothing has emerged that is on level with the "damp squid" comment (though commenting that Bernie Ecclestone has a "tentacle in every aspect of F1" -- EW!! -- seems awfully close), but some of them are pretty good.

At one point, when coming back from commercial, Bob Varsha was recapping what had happened (read: not much) while on commercial. The picture went out momentarily, and he tossed onto the end of the description "and then everything went dark, we all flew off the planet, and the world came to an end. Or the picture just went out." Y'know, if he keeps making comments like that, I might almost like him. Especially if he keeps commentating F1 only, and stays off the WRC commenting.

I was hugely entertained by the subtly snide comments about making GPs a 2-day event, based off of doing the qualifying on the race morning. It seems the FIA's plan to make F1 and WRC similar is at least succeeding in that the media is universally annoyed by some of the cost-cutting measures. The comments about the testing being rivetting action had me rolling on the floor.

Maybe there's something in the water at Suzuka that makes the media more snarky?

Edit: The announcers are Bob Varsha, Dave Machette (sp?), and Peter Windsor.

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