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Anime In English

Don't ask me why, but recently I've been watching through a bunch of anime on Cartoon Network. It's all in English, with obviously varying degrees of accuracy.

Case Closed (aka Detective Conan)

This is a pretty decent adaptation. It's got its annoying moments, particularly since they have changed all the names -- and I mean ALL the names! Even the corpse of the week has a new, English name. There are bits that they Americanize (rice with a pickled plum suddenly became cottage cheese and strawberies), which is also annoying. But overall, it's not that bad.

F-Zero GP Legend (CyberFormula GP)

This is painful. I haven't figured out if it is an Ultraman Tiga kind of painful, or is just flat out painful. I have a feeling that if one got rid of the obnoxious voices and stupid, Americanized characterizations that maybe there would be something decent under there, but I can't tell. We'll see how long my capacity for pain holds out.


The voices annoy me, and their pronounciation of the Japanese names (which were kept to the original) is grating. The plot intrigues me enough to keep watching, though I wouldn't say that I'm addicted.

Lupin III

Somewhat bastardized, but even so, Lupin is still kinda fun. Nonetheless, it's jarring every time they make modern pop reference when the animeation style is so clearly dated.

One Piece

I had trouble getting into the manga, but for some weird reason I actually am enjoying the dubbed anime. It's strange and whimsical, but fun. I think I like Zolo because he reminds me of Kyouichi. (I keep telling myself that it's because he uses three swords. It disturbes me less.)

Shaman King

Oh my word, this has been so bastardized. The "updating" to American slang is grating, as are the voices. Still, I keep watching out of some perverse curiosity. One day I'm going to have to sit down and read the Japanese original, since I know there is a good story lurking there.

And since cut tags sometimes disappear, what follows may contain spoilers for this season of Smallville.

This season seems to be pulling itself together a lot sooner. Getting rid of the Clark/Lana relationship is helping greatly. Getting rid of Lana altogether would be nice, but I suppose her just getting posessed and turning evil will have to do.

Ah, the last scene in the last episode... "So much for my happy ending." Poor Chloe.

I think Lana and Lex will make a cute couple. Particularly after she turns evil.


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