Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

For Those Who Read Later IniD

For anyone who's read the Project D era manga...

Was I just spacing when I translated the bit on Mase, or was there never any team name given for the "team" of Sakamoto and Wataru that Nobuhiko pulled together for the Project D rematch? All of a sudden everywhere I look they are being called the "North West Saitam All Stars". (I feel like I should run a contest to see if anyone can come up with a dippier name for them...)

Yes, I'm back to reading IniD fanfic. This cannot be a good sign. This one claims to have an "ex-rally driver" in it. Perhaps this one (unlike the last one that claimed to have a rally driver in it) will understand that tarmac is not generally the first surface thought of when one mentions "rally".

Hey, llamabitchyo, I think someone's honor just got insulted: "So this is my little way of telling the story of Kogashiwa Kai, the one and only lunatic on Irohazaka." I guess you're not as insane as I thought?
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