Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

That Can't Mean What They Think It Means

Not that I follow NASCAR, but this was on one of the boards I read:

Earnhardt was docked 25 points and fined $10,000 by NASCAR on Tuesday for cursing during a TV interview after his victory at Talladega Superspeedway.

Asked Sunday by NASCAR broadcaster NBC about the significance of his fifth victory at Talladega, Earnhardt said, "It don't mean s--- right now. Daddy's won here 10 times."

Earnhardt is appealing. His reason? "This whole incident is going to force everyone in the sport to rethink showing any excitement in what should be a jubilant moment," [spokesperson for EArnhardt] Gilmore added.

Can someone explain to me how "It don't mean s---" when asked about the significance of a win is showing excitement in a jubilant moment? Unless I misunderstand the term, "it don't mean s---" is saying that one doesn't care about something. So much for jubilant.

(Personally, I'm amused that the trailer trash is being forced to clean up their language.

The post I picked that up off of was preceeded by the comment "could you imagine if FIA enforced a "cursing" penalty on Gronholm?" Eh, does he swear in English? And, Gronholm nothing. Petter would have to kiss all championship hopes ever goodbye! :P)
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