Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Random Updates

Today's completely and utterly obsolete technology that we can't possibly part from: Foxpro, for DOS.

On the merger... There's a stockholders meeting scheduled for both companies on November 16. Anyone know if the merger should be finalized before that, or after? Either way, it sounds like I'm going to be buying the set of options that vests on Oct. 28. Oh well, I knew that this year my taxes were going to be nasty enough that I should hire a tax accountant to do them.

My mom finally got her new car. Keeping with the family tradition (which my mother hates), it is tan. Well, desert gold to be precise. (Read: fancy, new-fangled tan.) Since she got the car in the autumn and it's kind of autumn colored, she's thinking of naming the car Akiko. She's a nice car, so I try not to think too much about Mary Sues every time Mom calls the car "Aki".

Jack In The Box is doing a limited-time pumpkin shake. Anyone who likes pumpkin pies will want to run right over to Grease In The Box and get one (or more) for themselves, as these things are awesome! It takes a truly amazing food product for me to be willing to go to Grease In The Box, not to mention going repeatedly.

Edit: Oh, crap. My boss is going to be gone for the next three weeks. That means that the earliest I can hope to get any project will be the beginning of November. Aaaugh! Must find quasi-work related, resume-building stuff to study in the mean time!

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