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Fanfic Review

It's been a hurry-up-and-wait week at work. So in desperation, I decided to prowl through the IniD offerings on the Pit of Voles, and found this intriguing morsel. I've now finished through all of it, and I still can't figure out if it is a pithy parody with many mistakes intentionally made as in-jokes for the more informed, or if it really is written by someone who thinks they know something about the world of motorsports, but in fact has heard enough buzz words to string them together into something that almost sounds coherent, but really isn't. (Kind of like that last sentence.)

Anyway, it's decently written and generally is fairly amusing -- until the moment when, like suddenly hearing fingernails scraping down a blackboard, some glaringly impossible mistake happens. And yet the tongue-in-cheek'isms are just firm enough that I wonder if the glaring mistakes are also intentional. (Other than spelling "Makinen" with two k's.)

So, the final summary: The grammar is reasonable, and there are no "slotted brake shafts" (other than by people who are noticably stupid to begin with.) It's worth a read-through, just for the novelty value. And if someone could please tell me if the author is a satrical genius or an idiot, I'd appreciate it.

Speaking of "if someone could tell me...", can someone tell me why the BAR team is so prominently displaying sponsorship from another tobacco company? Did British-American Tobacco drop sponsorship and 555 step in? Or is this more of the David Richards connection?

(Gaaah, I cannot tell you how unspeakably sick of the Italian national anthem I am!)

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