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Just Leave Your Logic At The Door, Please

The following is all condensed from e-mail from today.

Me: Hi Network Person. XXX machine is receiving a "no domain server available" error message. Could you please take a look at it?

Network Person: It's done.

Psycho Freak Boss: Sandpanther, could you please follow up with Network Person to find out what the cause was and document it.

Me: thinks: Um, why did you ask me to follow up when you sent the e-mail to NP? Oookay. Network Person, could you please tell me what caused the issue? I need to know so I can complete my documentation.

Network Person: Flakey NIC card. We'll replace it later.

Me: Thinks: Um, doesn't that mean the flakey NIC -- that caused the problem -- is still out there? How is the problem solved??? I must be missing something... NP, I just want to make sure that I understand... Is the flakey NIC still in the computer? And is that computer still out on the production floor?

NP: Yes, and yes.

Me: *falls into hysterical laughter*

Yes, I think after a few more hours of this I should have abandoned all pretense of sanity and logic. This will make me much happier. Particularly if my boss calls me incompetent one more time because a program change I rolled out does not work on one antiquated computer. Said computer was later proved to be faulty, which is what caused the program to fail. It worked fine on four other computers that I hauled over to that area. But clearly the fact that we use obselete hardware and an outdated operating system is my fault -- despite my urging for three and three-quarters of a year that we should come up with a plan to replace the antiquated hardware and upgrade to a supported OS. See note about abandoning logic.

Speaking of faulty, I'm trying to figure out if the reason I hear no WRR is because I mistook the time it starts at, because of techincal problems on their end, or because of technical problems on my end. I'd be worried about it more, except for the start time listed is over two hours ahead of when the first stage is supposed to start. Still, *whine* want my radio, dammit!!

Edit: WRR works much better when one uses IE, not Mozilla. The Sandpanther is feeling a good deal less feral now.
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