Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Things I've Learned From AWA This Year

1. Never again put off watching the videos until the last moment.

2. I will not intentionally induce headaches, epilepsy, or vomiting in my viewers. In fact, I will make efforts to try and avoid accidentally inducing any of the above (or any other physical discomfort) in my audience.

3. After Effects, in the wrong hands, is evil.

4. Most AMV creators ARE the wrong hands.

5. If I am going to put words on the screen, I am always going to leave them up for a reasonable amount of time. I will not put up an entire screen full of 10-point text and then expect my audience to read it all in under two seconds.

6. I don't care how completely, mind-blowingly awesome the first twenty-odd seconds are, if I can't manage to find enough to keep the video interesting for the rest of the song, I am not going to do the vid. Twenty seconds of awesome is a poor trade-off for three minutes and fourty seconds of suck. (I would, however, consider doing a "mega-mix" vid that takes all the twenty second pieces and strings them together. Maybe. As long as the end result didn't suck.)

7. Lip-synching -- no matter how well done -- does not a video make.

8. People with their lips moving like they are talking aren't terribly interesting unless you can hear what they are saying.

9. People blinking, staring, or sleeping are not terribly interesting, and should be kept to a minimum in a video.

That's all I can remember at the moment. I'm sure there will be more, since taeriel and I still have to compare notes and actually start nominating vids.
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