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The brand-new contractor who just started today (or maybe Friday -- I can't tell which) is asking for the password onto the production database. Am I being overly paranoid that I'm worrying about giving it to her?

I dunno. Maybe I'd feel a bit better about all this if I had some idea of her skills level. Or, heck, had been introduced. But as is, I'm hearing my boss mention all kinds of grandiose things that the contractor can do that wander into areas of potentially screwing production if they are done wrong, and I just cringe.

Long weekends are bad. It takes too long for me to break my brain properly so that I can deal with work again. I need to get back to not caring again.

39 days until the golden handcuffs come off.

Edit: Oh yeah. And they think it's a better idea to just run the SQL Server database tools directly off the Production server, rather than installing them on the contractor's client. Potential for disaster, much?

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