Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Calendars On The Wall

I always keep two calendars, one set for this month, one showing next month. Since it's a new month, I just flipped them both over. Staring at them, I realized that now I can look at the sum total of time I have to stay here for until I get my golden handcuffs payout. Comforting, and yet daunting in how much living I'm going to be cramming into those few weeks.

While grabbing a bite to eat on the way in to work this morning I had the following thought: "We've secretly replaced the Gatorade in Sandpanther's bottle with Simple Green. Let's see if she notices." (Somehow, I think lime Gatorade and garlic bread do not mix well. That, or I've just been cleaning too much recently.)

Strangely, Psycho Freak Boss and Bitchy Boss Lady seem to have taken some happy drugs. They are both being unusually friendly -- heck, BBL actually spoke to me yesterday. Twice, even! It's not natural, I'm telling you.

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