Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,


Life would be a good deal more pleasant right now if The Other VB Programmer would calm down, and not try to take her being stressed out on me. Particularly not when the problem was caused by inattentiveness on her part. I'm so far beyond exhausted at the moment that I don't entirely care, but trying to look appropriately concerned and responsive takes more energy than I currently have.

Keys were turned over sucessfully. The apartment manager was pleased by how clean everything was, and complimented us on how relatively little wear and tear the place showed, considering how long we lived there for. I have hopes of maybe getting a deposit back.

May have to come back in to work at midnight to help clean up the mess TOVP caused. *sigh* Did I mention that this week isn't a good week to add more to my plate??? Feh.
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