Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Pain In The Neck

Work, at the moment, is quite literally a pain in the next. They reconfigured all the offices, and in the move they lost my keyboard tray. I now have to work with my keyboard resting in my lap. This causes a shooting pain in my neck. I am not amused.

Moving. *bleh* First it was: sit down and spend time packing

Next it was: throw money at the problem.

Now, it's: throw boxes at the problem.

I had hoped to get everything packed up by Sunday. I had planned to get everything packed by Monday. I desperately wanted to get everything packed last night. Today, I will make sure to get a whole lot more boxes, and see if throwing things into them in a panic gets the stuff out of the house.

Roomie and I have taken to making clandestine raids to find innocent, empty dumpsters and tossing the execessive amounts of trash into them. We need to find a new hunting ground, as our usual one is starting to get a little over-filled.

Expect that I won't be terribly communicative for the rest of the week. The new work configuration isn't condusive to posting, and I don't have time to be on-line when I'm at home.

So, can I go back to sleep now? Pleeeeease?

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