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The movers are late. I'm not entirely sure why, but they got delayed by an accident that is nowhere near here, and not on the direct route between their offices (in Walnut Creek) and here. I am perplexed, but what can you do?

I can't believe how much packing we got done yesterday. The place went from looking lived in, to looking in the middle of a move. (Read: like a tornado went through it. Only messier.) I didn't make my goal of having everything packed by the end of yesterday, but I've got enough stuff taken care of that I'm not too worried about the rest. I can catch it while I'm cleaning. (Or, rather, before I clean, since I need to get the junk away from the surfaces that I want to clean!

I'm in that weird state where most everything is totally unimportant -- except for the things that are vitally important. Junk, junk, really junk, title to my car, junk, junk, my kanji dictionary, the tape I'm going to need to dump off the latest rallies (Maine Forest aired this weekend), and, you guessed it -- more junk!

I think I'm quite ready to be done with moving. Fortunately, for better or for worse, everything has to be out of SF in less than a week. One end is in sight. The other end... well, it scares me. But that's a blog for another day.
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