Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Mercedes Lackey: Corrupter of Grammar

Living with llamabitchyo does weird things to your mind. Or at least your perceptions of authors' grammar.

One day I was in a fluffy mood, so I pulled out one of Mercedes Lackey's Arrows series. As I was reading along, I noticed a sentence that used a semicolon improperly. Grr.

I kept reading along, and I noticed another semicolon. And another.

Then I turned the page.

Yes, you read that correctly. There were three semicolons on the same page. Y'know, that was fine in older styles of prose writing. But these days?

I kept reading, and realized that Mercedes Lackey is single-handedly consuming the world's semicolon resources.

After going through pages and pages of the book I realized that just about every page had a semicolon on it. On a whim, I declared that she must have an average of one semicolon per page. So I sat down and went through the book and counted.

There is actually an average of 1.74 semicolons per page, for a total of 510 semicolons used. The highest number of semicolons used on a single page is 8, which was found on page 245. There were a total of 51 pages that had no semicolons on them whatsoever. I didn't count how many times semicolons were used improperly. It would just take too long. The non scientific answer is: lots.

(For reference, the book is Arrow's Fall.)

Yeah, that was anal. I'm like that sometime, y'know.

(Now I can throw the piece of paper that I had all the counts on away. Yay, moving!)

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