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Since When Does The Satellite Use Yahoo!Maps?

I just called the satellite TV folks to schedule getting service switched to the new location. They have a program where you leave the existing dish in place at the old location and get a new dish at the new place.

I figured that it probably wouldn't work this way, but I thought, hey, wouldn't it be neat if they left the service active at the old location, so all one would have to do is pick up the receivers and transport them to the new location. Customers could get their installation done in advance, at their convenience, and actually move the equipment when they wanted to, rather than when the installer was available to do the installations.

So when I called to schedule the appointment, I asked the service rep if the dish would still be active at the old location.

"No," she replied.

"Why not?"

"Because we have to update your address in our system."

My response to that was I don't think the satellite signal cares what my address is.. (I was nice enough not to say it, though I think I did snicker a little.)

All silliness aside, why do they make it so that you can't pick up your receiver and attach it to a different dish at a different location without disconnecting service at the first location? The signal descrambling is done by the receiver, using an authentication card. So if I, a subscriber, pick up my receiver and go connect to a dish somewhere else, then there is still only one person receiving the service. So why not do it? It's not like they have to re-wire anything, or re-direct the signal. The transmission beams down on the subscriber and the infidel alike.

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