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13 August 2004 @ 11:04 am
More Moving  
As if I'm not packing enough boxes already, work is going to be moving us all around. So I have to pack up my office by the end of next week as well. Oh, the joy.

The new configuration means that someone will be able to stare at my screen pretty much all of the time. Oh well, no more goofing off. It's only for a few more months, and I'm sticking with it so I can pay for upgrading the wiring in my house. So I can cope.

The good thing about having to work from home for this office re-org (other than two days of not having to come into the office) is that Friday is the first day of Rally Germany. Just this morning I had been wondering how, with the longer commute, to sneak in without missing too much stage action. Not having to go to work Friday suddenly makes that a lot easier. ^_^