Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

It's The End Of The Gummies As We Know Them

The last of the rebellious gummies are gone. Of their once great rebellion only one lone gummy remains, and he too shall be consumed momentarily.


Yup, no more gummies.

*ahem* So, where was I? Ah yes, the fall of the gummy empire. They fell quickly, at the end. It seemed almost as if the repeated attacks wore down their will until at one point, they just kind of fell apart. After that it was easy to hunt down the small bands of gummies ranging here and there, some still clinging to each other for support and some striking out on their own.

It seemed that the red ones were the main glue holding the group together. Once enough of the Reds were pulled out, the cohesion was lost and the gummy society just kind of disintegrated. (It seems there should be a deeper meaning in that, but I think I shan't deign to make comments on various governmental theories or historical occurances here.)

So now it is time to go out and find a new enclave of gummies. Only time will tell if these new gummies shall provide the entertainment the old ones did.
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