Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

More With The Work Stupidity

I think I just hit my stupidity quotient for the week. So, sorry, but I really must complain.

We have a new company policy that the Infrastructure group will no longer configure personal systems for access-from-home. If someone wants to work from home, then they must get their manager to approve a company laptop for them. This is a new policy, and was announced, well, never. I found out about it when I asked to get my new laptop set up to work from home.

The real kicker is that people who previously had access are still allowed to call in from home. It's just that the Infrastructure group won't set up new systems, and they won't let the technically competent set up their own systems. So if my old laptop hadn't died, then there would be no problem. Score one more for Sony. And score one more for applying a consistent policy.

(I did try asking if it would be okay if I just set my own system up -- which, other than getting the VPN settings, I was planning on doing. That is also going against the policy.)

So anyway, that's all a minor annoyance. I'm not entirely sure how I'm expected to provide 24-7 support on a system that I have no outside access to when I'm moving 50 miles away. But oh well, whatever. If they want to have to wait an extra hour on response time for things in the middle of the night, then... Well, then I'm probably going to do everything I can possibly get away with to make sure that I don't get called in the middle of the night. Getting away from doing that drive when I'm dog tired is a contributing factor to my deciding to move. So if all I have to do in order to not deal with that is turn the phone off at night, then I guess that's not such a large sacrifice to make.

Moving right along... I decided this sudden ban on working from home was simply an annoying inconvenience until this morning. Then I was told a rumor. The rumor is that they are going to re-arrange our cubes (actually, that's not really a rumor), and that they are going to do it this coming Friday. It's going to take so long that they need us to all work from home on Monday.

Does anyone see a problem with this?

*pounds head on desk*


While I was typing this, Psycho Freak Boss came over. He asked if just handing me a laptop would work. Well... It seems the wisest idea. I usually bring my own laptop in so that I can work on my own stuff at lunch, but I can cope. It's not like I'm going to be staying here that long anyway. But I am NOT putting personal stuff on a work laptop. I learned my lesson after dealing with Odo, the ukelele-playing, privacy-invading, equal opportunity rasicist, sexist bigot.

(Yes, there is a story behind all of that. I won't get into it right now. Though I will add that he did really look like Odo. Unfortunately, it seems that he's taken his resume down so I can't link to the picture. Just trust me on this one.)

Anyway, bad trips down Memory Lane aside, I reluctantly agreed to the laptop. PFB in sotto voce tells me that he has an ulterior motive to getting me a laptop. Fluffy has a laptop currently, but he doesn't use it to go back and forth between home and work. In fact, he has a company supplied laptop at home. So the one at work just sits at his desk all the time. The Other VB Programmer has snidely asked why Fluffy needs a laptop anyway, since a desktop would work just fine for playing Solitaire. (Fluffy is well known for doing nothing other than play solitaire all day, and annoy other people. I can't speak to his solitaire skills, but I will say that he excels at annoying other people!)

So, on the one hand I am amused at inconveniencing Fluffy. On the other hand, the politics around here are about to make me homocidal.

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