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I was just sorting through the stage times for Rally Finland and planning my attack on the stages when the radio station I listen to (which I listen to mainly because the music reminds me of the music on WRR -- yes, I know I need to go get a Costco-sized bottle of Get Over It) started playing "Bring Me To Life". It's amazing, but the opening bars still instantly put me back to my apartment with the lights on way too late at night, the laptop fired up with the pages and pages of info I use to follow the rally, and WRR playing gently in the background. It's a happy memory.

And then I realized that I'm never again going to experience that exact situation. Even if they do bring WRR back next year, I'll have moved. llamabitchyo has already moved, and won't be hanging out at the other end of the hall, listening to a slightly out of synch 'cast. It was a very sad realization.

I was reflecting on how busy the past seven days have been. I've had my house key for only a week now. A week ago yesterday we were told that the company is being sold. My project manager hasn't even been gone for a week now. So much going on, so little time. I'm exhausted, and the month has barely begun. I can't imagine another month of this. I think I will achieve unconsciousness long before then.

On the bright side, I've gotten one room completely painted, and I like the effect. I'm going to do a little painting in the living/dining areas and then I may take a break from painting. The hallway and kitchen can be painted after furniture has been moved. I should probably paint my room before I move in furniture, but I'm not worrying about that at this time.

Must get back to work. A project that has been an "oh, whatever" for two months has suddenly become a "what do you mean it's not done yet" project. Fun, fun!

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