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Bob Varsha Thinks Kimi Raikkonen Is A Girl

Comment from today's F1 race, made by my "favorite" WRC commentator, Bob Varsha:

"Thirteen laps in Kimi Raikonnen exited the race spectacularly when his rear wing failed, throwing the Finn into a series of high-speed spins, much to the delight of a few mysoginists in the grandstand."

The only way I can see the mysonginists being happy about that would be if Kimi were female.

*kicks BV* Learn what words mean before you start using them!

Edit: For anyone who watched the coverage, did anyone understand Varsha's comment just after the driver interviews? "Too bad about Fernando Alonso, though. Ugly cuss." Considering that Fernando hadn't just been swearing, I have to assume that BV's stating his personal opinion of Alonso's looks. That, or he doesn't know what "ugly cuss" means -- which, considering the source, seems more likely.
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