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Disquieting Things

There's something very disquieting about calling one's insurance company and realizing that the hold music is one of Bach's more somber pieces. (I thought it was his Tocata and Fugue in D, but upon further reflecting, I think it is actually a different piece. Still, somber nonetheless.)

It's very disquieting to have both your real estate agent and your mortgage broker cheer when you sign a particular piece of paperwork. Especially since it wasn't the bottom of the stack...

It's highly disquieting to get back from signing all the paperwork for purchasing a home only to find a message from your insurance company indicating that there is a problem.

It's even more disquieting when the message cuts off halfway through, right around the person saying "we tried to fax the paperwork to your broker, but--"

Despite all those things, at the moment everything looks under control. All the paperwork has been signed, and all I have to do now is wait one week for the purchase to go on record, and another week for the current occupants to finish vacating.

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