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Ah, I Must Redeem My Rubbery Honor By Puncturing Myself

Clearly the stress in my life has effected my brain:

Newly introduced tyre restrictions could mean that drivers start the final stages of the Rally of Argentina on worn tyres that have already punctured.

After reading this sentence I thought to myself, "Should that be 'have already been punctured.'?" I pondered puncturing. Puncturing, it seems, it frequently a passive action: "My thumb was punctured by the can". And yet, you can have an active puncturing: "I punctured my thumb on the can." Or, "Using his saber, he punctured his foe."

And yet, in both active examples, it seems that the subject is the one doing the puncturing. Does that not mean, then, that "have already punctured" means that the tyre is doing the puncturing itself?

All of a sudden I had visions of suicidal tyres plunging a dagger into their carcass, samurai-style, in order to redeem their honor from some strange, tyre-y stain.

Good morning, world. My brain isn't functioning properly. How are you?

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