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Why Getting Up At 4:30 AM Is A Bad Thing

Brain has decided that it wants to do Spiderman fanfic. I am heartily ignoring it.

On the bright side, apparently new toy combined with not being entirely awake combine to make the Cute Lil Brain (tm) a good deal less bitter, and so it is coming up with some nice, intellegent coding ideas. It's comforting to know that nearly four years of being stuck in a stoopid work environment have not completely obliterated all traces of good coding techniques from my brain.

Oh yeah. And I've decided that I need to get a Spiderman action figure to put on the spiderweb outside the front door. Blame this on llamabitchyo for providing the web, and taeriel for inspiring me with her impressive collection of action figures.

On a completely unrelated note, can someone explain to me why there is a trend in dance music to have male names for what are clearly female singers? Unless there is a trend in dance music to have eunics for the lead vocals?

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